Commercial Vehicle

Vehicles - whether cars, trucks, utes, prime movers and trailers - are an important tool. When damaged, they are costing you money and it's important to get them fixed fast.

An effective insurance policy is vital in protecting vehicles used by your business from damages and liabilities. We tailor our insurance to each vehicle in your fleet to develop a package unique to you, to protect you.

Mobile plant and equipment such as cranes, forklifts, drilling rigs, and excavators can also be included in your commercial vehicle insurance. We recommend a separate plant and machinery policy due to the cost and time involved in repair, but either way, making sure you are covered is vital.

How We Can Help

Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business for any damages to the vehicles you use or any damages they cause to people or property.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance gives you the complete flexibility to choose or delete a whole range of options including:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Hire car after theft or damage
  • Vehicle contents
  • Hired out & in vehicles
  • Annual adjustable fleet policy
  • No fault excesses
  • Loss of personal property
  • Greater driver flexibility

It really is up to you and what your business needs.

Plant & Equipment Insurance is a more extensive policy to cover expensive mobile equipment used in the running of your business. These items have substantial capital costs and any damages are costly and typically take a while to repair. The policy will also cover loss of income resulting from the damage.

The key benefits of the policy are that it covers:

  • Damages to owned or hired plant
  • Associated increased operational costs
  • Loss of income
  • Costs resulting from machinery breakdowns
  • Liabilities arising from all registered machines
  • Public liabilities

The policy can include additional coverage including blanket cover on hired-in machinery; continuing hire charges; finance payment protections and lease value protection amongst other.

This is critical to all businesses that use vehicles in the course of running their business. There are many more costs to your business associated with damages and liabilities than just private car insurance. It pays to make sure your business is covered.

Why Work With Oracle?

We are experts in protecting businesses from all their potential risks and liabilities. Your protection is based on our 5 fundamental principles.

  • Understand – it is important to understand your business in all its different facets, so we can identify your potential exposures and risks. Many of which you are probably unaware.
  • Advise – from there we can advise you about where you are carrying all the risk, and what insurance you should consider. Then, you can make an informed choice.
  • Implement – insurance products best for your business are notoriously wordy and complex. We sift through and decipher them to find the product that best suits your needs and protects you.
  • Advocate – when it comes to claim time, we are your expert advocate with the insurance companies. With a 96% success rate, we you get back on your feet fast.
  • Ease – insurance can be a frustrating grudge purchase. At Oracle Group we make it easy, so you get back to running your business with peace of mind, knowing you are protected.

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“Matt has supported us tremendously. He’s always been approachable, always followed things up and had our best interests at heart, and if there’s ever been a bit of a challenge, he’s followed it through on our behalf. We don’t have a huge number of claims or issues, but when we do, it’s just a simple process. It’s just easier for us. ”

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