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The business world has been a tough place over the past few weeks.  It feels like we are being slammed around like a wrestler in a cartoon.

It has left many business owners feeling uncertain, worried, even anxious. There is so much stuff coming at you, so many decisions to make, and the rules keep changing. All at breakneck speed.

It’s why we are offering a free review of your business insurances:

– To help you take control and make important decisions about your business.

– Saving you money today, getting better protection for your business in the future.


Your insurance review in action – it’s simple:

  1. You send us your insurances and updated turnover.
  2. We conduct an exhaustive review of your policies, line by line. To determine what cover you do have, its restrictions, and how well it suits your business.
  3. We compare that with other products to find the best match for your needs.
  4. You then have a Phone, Zoom or Messenger meeting with us – your choice.

If we can save you money or get you better protection, we will tell you. If not, we will also tell you.

What have you got to lose?  Either way, it costs you nothing.

“in your best interests, always”.  It’s our business promise to you.

Already local businesses have saved hundreds of dollars; some have saved thousands.

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John Blanch
“Matt has supported us tremendously. He’s always been approachable, always followed things up and had our best interests at heart, and if there’s ever been a bit of a challenge, he’s followed it through on our behalf. We don’t have a huge number of claims or issues, but when we do, it’s just a simple process. It’s just easier for us. ”

John Blanch, Blanch's Buses

Ian Cameron
“Oracle are always more than helpful. They’ve got a full understanding of my needs, they look at everything, they analyse it all for me and come back with all the options; they always give me options. I like that they talk to me. They ring me, they discuss things with me, the ins and outs. I very much appreciate that. I don’t think I could fault them to be honest! ”

Ian Cameron, Cameron’s Real Estate

Rob Allison
“With Oracle I know I’ve got people on my side to help me. I’ve put in two motor vehicle claims and had quality support throughout the process. When it comes to the crunch you want your claim to be processed in a timely and efficient manner, which Oracle did. They’re readily available and easy to contact, plus they review my policies to make sure I’m getting the best deal, which my previous broker never did.”

Rob Allison, RMA Financial Planning

Damien Daly
“I own and operate a number of caravan parks across multiple states in Australia and I have been using Oracle for the past 10 years. They understand my business, give me highly personalised service and have excellent pricing. I feel like I have one less thing to worry about. Proactive, prompt and friendly I absolutely recommend their services. ”

Damien Daly, Lifestyle Villages

Free Business Insurance Review

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