How to avoid workers compensation claims

15 June

How to avoid workers compensation claims

Learn a number of strategies on how to avoid workers compensation claims in the workplace.

When employees are injured on the job, they may file workers compensation claims to get help with lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

However, when more claims are raised against a company, they will end up paying higher insurance premiums over time.

Most employers are privy to the costs of insurance and how compensation claims can trigger exponential increases in premiums, so finding ways to reduce the number of claims is always the smart choice.

Apart from the cost of insurance, hiring and training new employees can also end up being expensive.

Since workers compensation insurance is a necessary component of running a business with employees, employers can undertake certain strategies to avoid unnecessary workers compensation claims.

Conduct A Thorough Analysis Of Hazards Around The Office

The reasons why workers get injured are varied, but often enough, it is because employers fail to conduct a proper hazard analysis of their premises.

Failure to do this analysis will lead to preventable accidents that could have been avoided.

Conduct a work area inspection to avoid workers compensation claims in your business.

The best way to do this is to hire an independent contractor to observe and assess the safety of areas where employees conduct their jobs within the workplace.

Once the assessment is undertaken, employers must follow recommendations to minimise any potential hazards that could lead to workers compensation claims in the future.

Some strategies to minimise hazards may include enhancing the use or protective equipment, frequent job rotations, engineering controls and equipment changes.

While it may cost a business to add more equipment or protective measures initially, the savings are tremendous when it comes to bringing down workers compensation insurance over the long haul.

Be Comprehensive While Assessing Potential Job Candidates

If you’re in an industry involving the use of physical labour such as manufacturing, construction or engineering, you must be comprehensive in your assessment of job candidates to ensure you have the right fit for your needs.

Pre-hire physical assessments and check ups will allow you to evaluate whether the candidate can handle the workload pressure easily and safely.

Well-qualified employees will not only perform their jobs well, but they will also follow safety measures appropriately to avoid any untoward accidents.

Make sure you look for experienced and fit employees based on your specific industry needs because this can reduce the possibility of any claims made in the future.

While this strategy won’t necessarily eliminate workers compensation claims in general, it can severely reduce it.

Institute Regular Training Programs To Ensure Proper Use Of Equipment

Sometimes employees fail to use machinery and equipment correctly and end up getting injured because they haven’t been properly trained.

The best thing for employers to do to prevent unforeseen injuries is to institute regular training programs, so that employees are well aware of how to use machinery and equipment correctly.

By emphasising safety from the start, employees will follow best practices when it comes to using equipment, which can dramatically reduce the number of workers compensation claims for your business.

Make sure that all your employees are aware of safety measures and are trained to manage or mitigate risks in your industry before allowing them to perform their duties.

You can also implement health and wellness programs to ensure that your employees are healthy, which can save you a significant amount of money in future claims.

Prepare Onsite Action Plans

Businesses engaged in physical labour should ideally create onsite action plans to ensure that workers are well prepared for all situations, which can drastically reduce the risk of workplace injuries and claims.

When you’re able to lower the risk of an injury, you will benefit from fewer workers compensation claims and higher productivity because your employees can perform their tasks safely and efficiently without getting hurt on the job.

Creating a system of procedures when it comes to the use of equipment and machinery will help employees better prepare by using safety measures at all times for the overall benefit of the business.

For instance, if a particular machine requires wearing goggles, helmets, gloves and safety boots, make sure this procedure is set in place, so that any employee operating this machine knows the steps beforehand.

Workers compensation claims can put some businesses out of commission if they are not careful, which is why it is important to follow some best practices to avoid them as much as possible by following these key strategies.

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