What is the insurance risk involved in operating my business?

17 March

What is the insurance risk involved in operating my business?

What are the insurance risks commonly involved with running and operating a business.
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When you run a business, there’s always a risk involved, including a finance and insurance risk.

It’s prudent to manage your risks carefully by reducing ambiguity, so that you are able to protect your interests.

While business insurance can protect your employees, machinery and equipment to help you remain successful, you must know what kind of insurance risk you are dealing with in the first place as a business owner. 

Insurance Risk Associated With Running A Business

While some consequences cannot be avoided, you can certainly find a way to mitigate them with proper plans and precautions.

Here are some of the biggest commercial insurance risks that business owners face today:

Damage To Property

Property damage can be natural or manmade.

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms and bushfires are some natural calamities, while theft and vandalism serve as manmade disasters that can throw a wrench in your operations – causing an insurance risk for your business.

You should always have insurance coverage to combat this potential problem, but the problem is that many businesses are not sufficiently insured.

Assess your business value and make sure you have enough insurance to cover the complete value of your business to restore it back to normal without any monetary losses to you. 

Data Theft And Breaches

Data theft and breaches have been increasing in businesses recently, which pose a risk to your insurance.

Data protection is a critical insurance risk for any digital business.

Stealing data has hit nearly every industry today, so it’s important to constantly re-evaluate your security systems to avoid frauds.

Taking out data insurance is a vital consideration when you run a small, medium or large business to ensure that you don’t end up paying a huge price for cyber-security breaches.

Physical Theft And Burglary

An age old problem, physical theft and burglary can ruin your business operations overnight – causing you significant financial losses in the form of lost money, property damage and stolen assets.

Vandalism, other property damage, theft and burglary are all factors in assessing a business' insurance risk.

Many businesses have even had to shut down after a major theft because of their inability to cover financial losses and return to normal.

You can protect yourself from this huge risk by taking out specialised business insurance.

Workers Compensation

When you run a business with employees, there’s always a likelihood that someone can get injured on the job, no matter how cautious you are.

This can end up eating into your bottom line if you’re not careful, which is why workers compensation insurance is a mandatory option for any business operating in Australia today.

Machinery Breakdowns

Machinery breakdowns can occur any time and can cause significant losses to your business because day-to-day operations are affected.

If your equipment was destroyed, would you be able to operate and recover from the financial expense?

You must find a way to mitigate this risk by taking out machinery insurance to protect your business from these potential interruptions, or else you may find your bottom line dwindling.

Stock Deterioration

If your stock deteriorates over time because of improper storage or for reasons beyond your control, you will end up with significant losses to your bottom line, resulting in an insurance risk.

Stock can deteriorate for a variety of reasons – perhaps the storage refrigerator broke down because of a power outage or maybe the storage unit suffered from flooding problems.

You can mitigate this risk by getting adequate insurance cover to protect your stock in storage at all times.

Commercial insurance can protect your interests to help you stay in business, no matter what goes wrong –provided you have the right coverage for all aspects of your operations.

This type of coverage protects you from any insurance risk and ensures that your business is safeguarded at all times.

Insurance companies generate a variety of business policies to help cover various aspects of your business, so that you can protect yourself from all kinds of uncertainties.

You will naturally need to customise the policy to resonate with your particular business needs.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you review your existing commercial insurance policy and make sure you have adequate coverage to protect all aspects of your business.

Finding a way to protect yourself from insurance risk will not only help you remain in business, but will also enable you to find success in the long haul.

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