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Authorised Representatives

As an Authorised Representative, you can have your own business and either work from home; your office or within our office. You are own boss and will have the flexibility to work the hours that suit your lifestyle, while earning the income you deserve. At Oracle Group, you will meet amazing people, make great friends, meet other like-minded brokers and inspire them to do what you do. You have the opportunity to transform not only your own life, but also the lives of others.


Managing your own business has never been so rewarding!

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Ability to Apply to become an Equity partner in the business
  • High Achievers Reward Club which includes a Conference
  • Market Leading AIMS wordings and commissions rates
  • Access to Allan Mannings – LMI products, policy comparison, risk coach
  • Technology Costs of Winbeat and Sunrise are paid for you
  • Increased commissions on specific products
  • Oracle’s own EXCLUSIVE Underwriting facilities for Business, Home, Landlords and Strata to give you a competitive edge from Brokers and other ARs
  • Get the support of experienced industry professionals
  • Backing of AIMS and IBNA network
  • Become part of a professional broking team
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • Maintain ownership of your client portfolio
  • Flexible AR agreement
  • All compliance issues are handled by our Operations Manager
  • Professional Indemnity is arranged and Paid for you
  • Underwriter payments are completed for you
  • Take advantage of 24x7 systems availability
  • IT Support
  • Our servers are housed in a data centre for additional security with Cyber Liability as an additional measure protecting you, us and all of our clients
  • Electronic Payments Systems managed by Macquarie’s DEFT system

What Makes Us Different?

Awards & Recognition

The Oracle “High Achievers Rewards Club” (HARC) what really sets us apart from other companies is the value we place on our AR’s. Not only do we invest in providing personal development opportunities for each and every AR, we take pride in recognising and celebrating achievements, big and small. Be recognised for your achievements; enjoy world class events, stunning locations (we were in Barcelona in 2015) and great company at our inspiring and unforgettable getaways. Love your life, ignite your passion and see where Insurance can take you!

An Inspiring Support Network

Oracle Group is more than just an income, it’s a lifestyle. Make fantastic friends and be a part of an inspiring business support network full of amazing people. Remember, as an Oracle Group Authorised Representative you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Ability to become a Partner in the Business

At Oracle we want AR’s but we also want Future Leaders and AR’s who want to belong and commit to a long term agreement. Those who wish to be a part of something bigger can apply to the board and if accepted, commit as an equity partner which can allow for increased commission, profit sharing and becoming part of the decision makers in the business.

Products, Wordings & Commissions

As a member of IBNA, Oracle Group has access to a suite of products and associated wordings from the combined AIMS group. These wordings are pre-defined, written with Allan Mannings assistance and we believe that they are equivalent and if not better than those in the market. It also allows access to SURA products which are exclusive to AIMS members (Austbrokers & IBNA). Increased commissions are also available on specific products which can increase your earnings further. Oracle Group also has access to schemes not elsewhere available to many brokers. These provide you with a competitive advantage in the market place.

Learning Opportunities

Oracle Group Insurance Brokers is committed to the provision of quality training programs and resources that foster a culture of continuous professional development and personal growth. Oracle Group provides a range of comprehensive training and support programs, workshops, conferences and resources through our affiliated partners and insurers that offer all AR’s and Staff the chance to enhance their professional skills, and develop a successful, thriving business


I haven't run my own business before. Do I need certain experience to be an Authorised Representative?

There are some pre-requisites that are desirable to launch your own business. You need to be Tier 1 qualified and have at least 3 year’s broking or sales experience within insurance and be of good character. Along with this, have your own ABN, GST registered and a desire to run your own business. We provide help and basic guidance on starting out as we were once just like you.

How many hours a week do I need to work?

It is up to you. This is your business and you make the decisions and allocation of time to suit your financial needs and business goals. We recommend that you allow a minimum of 8 hours per day, as if you were an employee. You need to be there for your customers no matter the size of your portfolio.

How soon will I get results?

Once again, the choice is yours. The only thing that will slow you down is how well you pick up systems, quoting and documentation. Other than that with Oracle Group you can start earning straight away. Payments are made on the fourth working day of every month, so as soon as you start writing policies, you can be assured once premiums are settled by the clients or premium funders you will be paid on the nominated payment date.

Are there any territories?

No. Oracle Group does not operate with territories; you can run your business within Australia without geographical restrictions. Our only request is you do not steal or solicit clients from fellow Oracle Group held policies or AR’s.

How much can I get paid?

As a general rule ARs wishing to operate under Oracle Group branding will receive 85% of their earnings. Oracle Group will then supply stationery and business cards. Those entities wishing to be a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) and operate their own business and branding, can be negotiated according to the size of your portfolio.

What are the rewards that Oracle Group offer?

Oracle Group offers a rewards or incentive for our top performers. As our reward to you we will subsidise your expenses on our yearly board meeting at the nominated destination to celebrate the achievements of the Top AR’s and their contribution and hard work throughout the year.

What will my Excess be for a PI Claim against me?

We promote good business practices so we do not expect professional Indemnity claims. However claims do happen as we see with our own clients. Our Professional Indemnity limit is $100,000,000 any one claim and the excess payable is $10,000 for which the AR is responsible for.

Authorised Representative Office List

Agile Advice Centre Pty Ltd (Gold Coast)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Rod Freeman Authorised Representative 0455 904 100

Agile Insurance Pty Ltd (Shepparton)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Carl Norton Principal 0400 340 400
Les Norton Authorised Representative 0427 919 787

Affinity Insurance Services (NSW Central Coast and Blue Mountains)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Jacob Ross Principal 02 4322 7856 0425 391 371
Aaron Hartley Authorised Representative 02 4322 7856 0423 648 639
Len Parsons Authorised Representative 02 4322 7856 0409 512 958
Melanie Kosorog Authorised Representative 02 4322 7856 0425 391 372
Brett Dunne Authorised Representative 02 4322 7856 0400 557 789
Maria Dixon Authorised Representative 02 4322 7856

Aweso Insurance Pty Ltd and Aweso International Pty Ltd (Brisbane)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Grant Mason Principal 0401 900 709
Sarah Pietsch Authorised Representative 0421 781 669

Bellarine Insurance Brokers Pty ltd (Geelong)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Alan Reeves Principal 0438 065 559

BluePrint Insurance (Sydney)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Anthony Latouf Principal 02 9718 8700 0414 251 169
Charlie Boutros Principal 02 9718 8700 0416 199 233
Mary Latouf Administration 02 9718 8700
Bob Ross Authorised Representative 0412 225 694

Colne Risk Advisory (Sydney)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Robert Fleming Authorised Representative 0410 677 515

Future Wealth General Insurance (Perth)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Matthew Denehy Director 1800 781 468 0409 396 355
Lynda McWatters Senior Broker 1800 781 468

Inbroker Services Pty Ltd (Gold Coast)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Rob Wilson Principal 07 5527 3197 0451 116 324
Nicola Wilson Authorised Representative 07 5527 3197 0413 664 993

Insurance Downunder (Tamworth)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Ben Doyle Principal 02 6761 3632 0428 612 613
Milton Doyle Authorised Representative

Insurance HQ Pty Ltd (Gold Coast, QLD)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Adam Pile Principal 1300 815 344 0402 472 833
Megan Oliver Administration 1300 815 344
Danielle Fenton Administration 1300 815 344

Oracle Group Insurance Brokers

0447 799 677

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Nathan Fairhurst Brisbane 0439 408 853
Jason Sebastian Mackay 0412 247 248
Brendon Watson Gold Coast 0433 166 036
Jade Lyons Perth (08) 6454 0911 0407 461 736
Ron Morcom Perth (08) 6454 0911 0428 642 337
Steve Webster Perth (08) 6454 0911 0459 022 007
Andrew Bojovic Adelaide 0424 850 845
Troy Brien Hervey Bay 0427 582 797

Paragon Insurance Solutions (NSW Central Coast)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Kerri Day Principal 0487 272 466
Rebecca Haines Authorised Representative 04376 132 471

Seasure Insurance Advice (Brisbane)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Peta Warby Principal 0403 872 343

Tony Barlow Insurance Services (Sydney)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Tony Barlow Principal 02 9501 0141 0412 827 047
Jane Barlow Administration

Tricolour Insurance Services Pty Ltd (Sydney)

Name Position Email Mobile
Brett Jackson Principal 0407 070 766

Truck Insurance Professionals (Adelaide)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Dean Achatz Principal 0408 818 758
Belinda Achatz Administration 0407 791 946

Watson Trade Credit (Sydney and Gold Coast)

Name Position Email Phone Mobile
Terry Watson Principal 1300 992 860 0401 747 833
Stephanie Walters Administration 1300 992 860

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