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Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd operates from our head office in Perth. Oracle Group was the positive result of three previous individual business operations merging into one entity. We are affiliated with the AIMS / IBNA Group which has brought a number of Insurance Brokers together to enable purchasing power with Insurance Companies, due to their combined premium turnover of $2.3 Billion.

Phone: 1300 776 346

130 Main Street
Monbulk VIC 3793

PO Box 84
Monbulk VIC 3793

Joins With

After 30 years of running Professional Insurance Brokers (VIC) Pty Ltd (Profin) in Monbulk, Martin Hastings has decided to retire.   Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd (OGA) has purchased Profin, which will now be managed by Jane Martin.

Although OGA is a national insurance brokerage, with our head office located in Perth, Jane is an experienced Victorian broker who brings with her a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of general insurance.  Rest assured that the name is the only change, as your current broker in the Monbulk office will stay the same.   OGA welcomes Roland, Jo, Nadia and Ross to their organisation, joining Jane, Vickii and Sue and we know that they will continue to provide the high level of service to which you have been accustomed.

OGA would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin, and to wish him all the very best in retirement.

Introducing Jane Martin

Jane, like most found her way into the insurance broking industry early in her career and has been here ever since. Jane has 30 years’ experience in the insurance broking industry focusing on customer management, infrastructure set-up and design, program marketing, new business opportunities and relationship management. Jane previously held senior executive roles at both national and international broking firms.
Mob: 0419 532 372

Introducing Jane’s Co-Directors

Craig Costello

Craig has been working in the insurance industry since 1996 when he started as a commercial insurance underwriter with GIO General Limited.Since then he has owned the Elders Insurance franchise in Busselton, dealing with all types of insurance products from commercial to farm to mining and heavy motor.Craig joined Oracle Group in 2010 and is now a shareholder and senior account manager with a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of insurance products.
Mob:0459 227 800

Matthew Denehy

Matthew is a passionate business professional who started out following his father into the insurance industry at the age of 16 and has made a mark in business growing the family business from startup to $15mil in 15 years. Along the way Matthew has gained enormous business acumen and skills which is allowing him to diversify his time into new businesses.Saying Matthew is energetic sometimes means you have to redefine energy as he is always on the move. He gives his time to others by sitting on the board of three national companies where he gets an honorarium for his time, preferring to assist these companies in delivering their goals and outcomes.

Mob: 0409 396 355

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